"Fashion is about the new and the re-evaluation of the old.

E.STOTT is certainly new and her unique ‘process’ of
re-evaluation is certainly challenging the old."

The Convenience Store, Shop Keeper, Andrew Ibi.

It is the process behind creating E. Stott’s garments that forms the subject, as there is no specific narrative or subject matter involved.

This process initially evolved from the study of the methods of L S Lowry. Thinking in terms of a ‘composed garment’ details are added in accordance to their aesthetic rather than their functionality.

Stott’s design process references recognisable details, but place them in a situation where they are instantly disassociated with the original source. There is a consciously under dramatic elegance to Stott’s work, where ordinary details from garments are fundamentally altered to create new individual items. Although the details Stott uses are often obtained from traditional military and sportswear garments, there is an underlying feminity that runs through the work that contrasts with these masculine references.